We are from the far north of Scotland, from the North Coast of Sutherland where we are a small but very strong community with a strong sense of place. Our group is made up of local artists and local residents.

There is a great old Gaelic word - Duthchas - which means, roughly, my home, my land, my history and my place in it.

We have chosen to represent the village of Skerray where we all live and where the coastline is our most significant boundary, rather than roads and fields. We decided to make the sea feature prominently as it does in our lives, and the two Skerray islands, the larger of which, Island Roan, used to be home to many of Skerray's families until it was evacuated in 1938. The smaller island, Island Neave or Coombe Island was allegedly home to the Monks of St Columba around AD563.

The village itself is sparsely populated and is made up of many crofting 'townships' so we have highlighted the importance of community by marking each household with a heart. We have depicted some of Skerray's outstanding natural beauty but we also wanted to celebrate its unique character and have included our phone box library, greenhouse bus shelter and busy village hall!