Meg Telfereg

After leaving College, a very long time ago, I taught Art & Design for thirty years. Since moving north I have had a number of jobs, mostly involving the arts. Creativity has a huge role to play in the health of society as a whole and in our wee communities in particular. I will never give up trying to introduce as many people as possible and all ages to the potential personal rewards of doing something creative. I have always continued with my own work, usually printing and painting but for the last few years I have become interested in fusing and drawing and painting on glass.


I love it, and can't imagine living anywhere else.

Torrisdale – our beach – is dramatic and beautiful. It can be blue and summery, totally wild, or frozen at the shoreline in winter. Otters, sea eagles and seals are all frequent visitors.

Beside the bay is our only bus shelter although there's never been a bus service! It's often been used as a surfers' changing room but last year it was transformed into a very productive greenhouse.

In the heart of the village a ruined croft house was restored by the community and is now our Post Office and Shop.